Tuesday, March 20, 2012

nail polish in my carpet...GONE!!

sunday was a seriously a crazy day.
while ironing clothes for church.
my little chicken decided to flip my laundry
basket over and take my nail polish down.
in the process he broke a bottle of redish nail polish
on my carpet!!  i was up a creek...or so i thought!!!
i of course posted the pic. on my facebook and instantly
i had comments...but, one stuck out!
it was from my girlfriend tricia (check out her blog)
here's what she said:

I just want you to know that you can get nail polish out of carpet!!! I spent about 3 hours scrubbing it out once but it came out! Acetone (straight acetone you buy at the home improvement store) and before that Barbasol (the really cheap shaving cream) let the cream sit for a bit and then tons of Acetone!!! We got the carpets cleaned after that to get rid of the stench! Sorry about your day!

i took her advice and it worked.
i was lucky and didn't have to work on
it for very long.
it took me about 30 min. and that
junk was out!! i was soooo pumped!!
it was also the next day and dry!!

here is the before an after

via cell phone

i used acetone nail polish remover.

the culprit..i put him to work! ;)

it's GONE!!!

try it!!



  1. I really wish that I had this post about a year ago when my little nugget spilled *RED* polish on the carpet of our rental )c: I scrubbed and scrubbed but eventually just resigned myself to the fact that children are little tornadoes (c: Brilliant solution and I'm glad it got all clean!!! Seriously a miracle (c:

  2. I’ve had the same problem with nail polish on the carpet. But instead of shaving cream, I used hydrogen peroxide, baking soda paste, and non-acetone nail polish remover to blot the stain on the carpet. Before applying them, you can test the concoction on a non-stained part before using it thoroughly on the stain. See to it that it won't affect the carpet color.

    Lyda Tavorn

  3. Whoo hoo I did this and the bright red polish is almost out of my light tan carpet :)

  4. OMG!!! I have been riding around with dried red nail polish on my front car seat for over TWO YEARS from a burst bottle that was sitting in the sun. I tried everything to get it out but ended up buying a car seat cover. I can not wait to try this remedy!! I'm so excited. I'll post an update with a before and after pic!

  5. Seriously? This thing is amazing! I was about to buy a new rug which will cost me a couple of hundred bucks but with this trick, the stain will forever go away! Thanks to you and to your girlfriend!

    Samuel Eldred

  6. Ok this morining my daughter slipt bright blue nail polish on my living room carpet and i found your blog on pinterest. i definitly want to try this can you please tell me extactly how you did this??

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  10. Oxi clean, warm water and a scrub brush is another solution.

  11. Hmm… sometimes, acetone doesn’t give you a satisfying result in removing nail polish on your nails, and the same goes for your carpet. The chemical can ruin the fine texture of your carpet, most especially if it was made from the finest material. But I guess the culprit knew how to please you. The stain was gone! Haha!

    Deidra @MinuteManIntl.com

  12. Are you serious?!? I knocked my bottle of deep red polish onto my beige carpet last week and I thought it was over for me! I just saw this on pinterest and I'm excited to go home and try it!!! Thank you!

  13. Oh my God! Just broke a bottle of dark silver on my light carpet amd searched pintrest frantically for a solution. After having to break open the can of acetone with a steak knife (I am a weakling) it took it out!!! I'm so happy! Thank you!!!

  14. Actually goo be gone wipes work. Less work.

  15. Actually goo be gone wipes work. Less work.

  16. Steam gets really hot and has a lot of force
    shark steam mop

  17. Oh my hawt tamale this worked amazingly! It was quite quick the whole drop of the nail Polish and clean up debocial lasted less then 20 mins thank you thank you thank you!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing. I just spilled nearly an entire bottle of coral nail polish on my carpet in my apartment which I'm renting. With a security deposit of $455, you've saved me hundreds!! Can't wait to try in a few hours! Thanks again.

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  21. Thank you! This so worked....I had black polish on brown carpet and it came out.

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  24. This really works! I just tried it and it got red polish out of the carpet! THANK YOU!!!

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