Friday, March 16, 2012

shout out!

i have some new/oldies i wanna
share with you!
i love finding and sharing new things
that i love!!

i put it in my hair when its damp and
 blow dry. it leaves my hair silky and shiny.

the Brazilian Blowout!
i was a little sceptical.
i had the blowout done 2 weeks ago, and
let me make one thing's not a straightener.
it conditions and helps with friz.
it seriously cuts my straightening in half.
(i have curly, frizzy hair)

Arm and Hammer makes
a fantastic detergent.
it's cheap and smells sooo good.

this is a oldie but,... it is a goodie!
this stuff takes everything out!!

i love my Skull Candy ear phones!!
i can't say enough about them!
i use mine to run and they never..NEVER..
fall out!! i have tried everything!
(i have the ones in the top left..)

have you tried any of these products??


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