Thursday, December 29, 2011

laughed so hard

this blog made me seriously laugh my head off!
i laughed so hard i cried and then couldn't wait to
share it with my husband!!

 do you ever do that...find/hear/see something funny and  can't wait to tell your husband?
if he laughs super hard do you feel really proud of yourself?
well, if you know my husband...he laughs (he has a cute laugh) at almost everything.
(he also makes me feel pretty darn funny.)

ok, so make my this blog and let me know what you think!!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

office "face lift"

my husband and i bought our dental practice
3 years ago and could not wait to remodel!!
the office was seriously outdated and was in
need of some TLC.
the downside is we don't own our building, and
we didn't want to drop a lot $$ to remodel.
so, to save some money and still change the office look,
we did what you call a
"face lift".

here are the before pics.

we are installing laminate wood flooring
in the exam rooms.

we are getting new pictures and frames.
(i'm thinking aluminum frames.)

were covering the couch and getting new chairs.
(the "grecian" floor lamp is going...bye, bye.)

we are changing the wall paper and counter tops.

unfortunately were stuck with purplish cabinets.
it's ok though...we are gonna make it work!

stay tuned!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

december wrap up

we have had a wonderful december.
it's been filled with tradition and family.
i'm so thankful for both.

here are some of my favorite pictures.

we hope you have a very
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

am i alone?!

does your tree look like

(see the chair on top of the armoire...the 19 month old climbs on EVERYTHING!)

i know....sooo bad. the star is barely holding on and
the tree leans to the right a little.

do your kids hang 5 ornaments off of one pathetic branch?

do your kids rearrange your ornaments?

does your 19 month old chicken pull the lights off and unplug them
allllllllll day long?

have your kids lost all the little hooks to your ornaments?
do they get caught in your vacuum?
do you store those ornaments on the top off the tree?
(in hopes that you'll eventually re hook them.)

well, if you don't have any of these problems...
your lucky.

but, i will say there is nothing like a family tree.
i love the unmatched ornaments.
each one has a memory, and
the kids have some of their very own.

someday i'll have a perfect tree.
but, that might make me a little sad.
because someday i wont have all these
chickens to ruin it!
(they will have their own little chickens ruining theirs!)

on a side note
here are some of my favorite trees


amazing, right??


Monday, December 12, 2011

12 days of christmas

every year
has a 12 days of christmas.
last year i got a white patent leather purse
for spring for a steal!!

here are few of my favorites.

p.s. they are on day 8, so hurry on over
to thier website!!

what do you think?
can you see anything you want?


Friday, December 9, 2011

shout out

i absolutely LOVE my
Le Creuset!!

i love how they evenly cook.
i love the colors.
i love to give/receive as gift's.
i love to display them in my kitchen.
i love how heavy and sturdy they are.
i LOVE my
Le Creuset!

p.s. i NEVER buy mine from
high end kitchen stores.
(except my little local kitchen store...they have great deals!)
i always hit the outlets, or marshalls!!

happy hunting!!

check these kitchens out!!
(can you spot their pots??)

so, are you gonna start collecting??

have a great weekend!!
(i'm having an estate sale for my parent's and... i have a sick baby!!)



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

soft sugar cookies!!

i found this cookie recipe on pinterest!
it is super good and easy!
i think the secret is the sour cream.

(see the marker on his was also all over my cream coffee table...)

so, if you need a new sugar cookie recipe...
this is the one!!



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