Tuesday, April 17, 2012

44 pounds

i've lost 44 pounds in about a year and a half!
why is 44 a huge deal..well, i finally got into a new number bracket!!
i was bouncing around about 5 pounds and wasn't hitting my target weight.
so, 44 pounds was amazing to me!!

it's not fun losing weight.
in fact..i dread it.
i've lost weight slow so i could still enjoy life.(we love to go out!)
what sucks is i've had to lose 40 pounds plus, 4 times!! (4 kids)
i'm now on the road to losing the married weight,
and then on to the dating weight.
pathetic...i know.

i'm gonna be honest.
i'm not quit ready to share my weight.
only fellow chubbies and my sister know
the true poundage that still dwells on
my stomach and legs...actually everywhere.

i must say i am very excited to share that i'm a "true" 16!!
i also own one pair of 14 gap jeans.(that was the highlight of my month)

let me break it down for you:
im 5'11'
my goal is to lose 30...if i'm really motivated 40 more pounds.
my goal jean size is a 12.
i only weigh myself once a week..(at the gym.)
 (my husband threw my scale away..he got sick of me getting down on myself.)
i started off doing the South Beach Diet... i lost 25 pretty quick doing this.
i then moved on to an app. called Lose It.
now, i'm doing a mix of both.
i also work out 4 days a week for an hour to an hour and a half.
i try to do a lot of weights.
i first started out running, but my body stopped changing.
i joined a gym and now i'm addicted to the classes!!
making these little changes have really made a difference.

here are my "before and afters"

happy weight loss!!!

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