Tuesday, September 27, 2011

green thumb?

i pretend to have one.
 i've killed some, moved some to the back yard, and helped some "thrive" in my home.

do you have a green thumb?
(i have completely given up on orchids.)

if you are like me...don't give up!!
(i haven't)

check out these fantastic house plants!

we can't forget the Chia Pet!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

we scream for ice cream!

isn't ice cream every one's favorite dessert?
i must say there is nothing better than a GIANT ice cream sunday, 4 little chickens and 2 chubby adults to devour it, old booths, friendly atmosphere, and a fresh cold glass of water that smells like sulfur to wash it down.
(hanford is known for their rotten egg smelling water)

this is the place that brings so much joy...

the S.O.S

have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

is this the year!?!

every..EVERY year i buy about 5 pairs of boots in high hopes
that they will fit my ginormous calves, and feet. (size 11) 
and every..EVERY year they get returned. my calves are the bane of my existence.
 i'm so glad my bathroom isn't a full length mirror...i would not be a happy camper.
 i just pretend i have beautiful tan, non-bruised legs.
 (am i the only one?)
 here are a few i've got my eye on.

wish me luck!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


let me tell you.
 i seriously can't say enough about it!
 one of my favorite things about my iphone is that it takes seriously amazing pictures!
so, today i was playing with my phone and decided to scroll through my pictures.
i had forgotten about a lot of them.
some of them made me laugh, and some of them brought back memories.
the great thing about taking pictures with a phone is you can get such candid pics.
here are a few of my favorites!

who doesn't like the cam wow app.

this is my favorite picture app.

what's on your phone?

Monday, September 12, 2011

missoni lookbook!

target has done it again!
i can't wait!
sept. 13th is the big day!
 missoni for target comes out!!

here is the lookbook!!!!

are you as EXCITED as i am?!?!


Friday, September 9, 2011


i love them!
i love to see the bride and groom so happy.
 i love seeing the dress.
i love to see the decorations.
i love catching up with family/friends.
i love making new friends.
 last but not least... i love the food!!

 this wedding was for my husbands cousin.
it was held at a barn out in the country and it was beautiful!
the food was good and the entertainment was fantastic!!
(chicken dance anyone!?)

wedding = date night!

she looked so pretty.

the happy couple.

mason jars with flowers.

almond brittle favors.

i loved the barn!

who doesn't love the money dance?!


we had a wonderful time!

have a fantastic weekend!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

tried, wanting, making, and looking forward.

there are few things i'm trying, a few things i'm wanting, something i'm making
and A LOT of things i'm looking forward to!

here are just a few??

i want this for my family room!

i'm trying this!
(i'm still not sure what i think..)

i'm making this.
i found this idea here.

 nate's season premier
sept. 12th!!
i can't wait!!

what do you want??
what have you tried that you LOVE?
what are you looking forward to?
what are you making?!


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