Saturday, September 24, 2011

we scream for ice cream!

isn't ice cream every one's favorite dessert?
i must say there is nothing better than a GIANT ice cream sunday, 4 little chickens and 2 chubby adults to devour it, old booths, friendly atmosphere, and a fresh cold glass of water that smells like sulfur to wash it down.
(hanford is known for their rotten egg smelling water)

this is the place that brings so much joy...

the S.O.S

have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I definitley scream for ice cream...especially a big ol' sundae like that!!!! YUM-O. Anyday that incorporates a confection like that is super duper fun one in my book!

  2. Hanford have stinky water?! this is news to me! :-) home sweet home


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