Monday, July 18, 2011

girls camp crafting!

myself, bee, and some other women were
asked to do the crafts for girls camp.
each of us were in charge of coming up with
a craft. one of the lady's came up
with this little beauty!
(for you mormon girls out there...this would also
be a great super saturday craft!)  ;)

p.s. this is picture overload!!

we had some left over craft supplies.
so, we made one for our girls!

magnet board

 you need mod podge.
metal stove top covers from the dollar store.
(they come in a pack of 2)

1. hammer 2 holes about
4 inches apart  in the top side of the cover.
2. we found it best to use a screw driver and just
 hammer it in, then pull it out.
3. the holes are where you add the ribbon.
4.we strung the ribbon through, tide a knot,
 then strung it through the other hole, and tide a knot.
*this is how you hang your magnet board!
(does that make sense?)

scrap book paper for cover, and to put on the back
of the rocks for magnets.


rocks from the dollar store.
(gotta love that place)

with scrap book paper scraps
1.the girls traced the rock.
2.cut the paper out. 
3. brush mod podge on back of rock.
4. lay your cut out piece of paper on the mod podge.
5. let dry.
6. add magnet.

trace the stove top cover.
we found you need to cut just inside
the trace line so it
fits the cover just right.
*remember.. it's better to cut the
 paper smaller than bigger.

put mod podge on stove top cover, place paper
on top and then mod podge over the top.

we also had monograms!
the girls thought these were cool.

we layed them out to dry in the sun.

the girls said this was their favorite project!
thanks jen for such a great craft project idea!

*we also had dog tags the girls stamped their
names on and added beads.

*painted chop sticks for their hair.

*rolled flowers for their hair, one to donate and one to
keep for themselves.

random pictures from camp!

bee and her girls!
(does her t-shirt look familiar?)

this girl made my day.

our bed was a joke. it was like sleeping in a taco.

bee trying out planking.
(do you know what that is?)

my nieces :)

the girls!!

it was so much fun spending time with my nieces and
all the other girls at camp.
bee, and i stayed up until 2:30 a.m.
talking with our friends, and eating.
we also did a skit, in which i did the splits!!
(yes...i can REALLY do them!!)
it brought back so many memories.
i hope i get asked again next year!



  1. Great project! Love the photos, looks like so much fun.

  2. How fun! And that is a great project! I'll have to remember that if I'm ever called into Young Women's again.

  3. These are cute. You guys looked like you had so much fun.

  4. Loved being with you girls! come you and Bee always look so cute in pics and I look like death warmed over???

  5. Very cool! I might have to borrow(steal)this idea for my daughter's girl scout troop. I think they would love this!

  6. This makes me miss girls camp *SO MUCH*!!! And what a crazy cool project! I think I might have to tackle that one myself!!!

    P.S. So is planking the new cool mormon thing??? I have seen it *EVERYWHERE* (on Mo blogs)!!! It's completely hilarious, love it!

  7. So I'm looking through Pinterest...and spotted two familiar faces from the ol' days in Fresno. So fun! Love your ideas!

  8. ps we found mini serving platters at the dollar store and my friend had what they called a crocodile hole punch....punched right through the metal, no kidding. Way easier than hammer, nail, screwdriver. Hope that's a good tip for this project. We are excited to do it, we leave tomorrow for camp!

  9. Thanks for sharing this project. I'm planning it for a summer camp this year. Planning to do twine and boy themed papers for the guys. I would love to see a picture of the dog tag necklaces you made

  10. Thank you for this great craft idea.


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