Monday, July 25, 2011

the start of our vacation!

our family vacation officially started on thursday!
my husband is off for a week, and we are so excited!
this year we decided to take it a little easy.
(last year we did a week in san diego...amazing...but, exhausting)
so, this year we have little activities planned throughout the week.

1.we are going to take the 3 oldest chickens to wild water adventures.
2. my husband is taking the 2 oldest boys dirt biking.
3. we are going to see winnie the pooh.
4. driving to monterey to take the chickens to
gilroy gardens, and monterey bay aquarium.
5. movie nights..(remember Willow??)
6.  a couple date nights. ;)

and,..last but, NOT least...
hint: me, no chickens, shopping, friend, and eating..
7. "back to school shopping" with my girlfriend!!

it was so nice to take a break.
i left all day..and came home to 4 happy chickens,
 a tired husband,
(working in people's mouths all day is EASIER than watching kids,.. at least that's what i think!!)
 and a messy house!
(who cares....i was just pumped to be GONE)

first stop anthro.
i saw this..and loved it!

i tried this on...


these are fantastic for fall.

she wanted a rapunzel backpack.

got some random stuff for the boy's.

i got some new kicks for the baby chicken.

the oldest chickens needed some clothes.

got some super cute clothes for the chica.

ate lunch here!

what's your favorite store to shop at for kids??

we also hit home goods...not impressed!!
first time in the history of home goods did i not come home
with an amazing something!!
it was a wonderful day!
i LOVE vacation's!!!



  1. Looks like a great shopping haul and a fun vacation so far! It's nice to have staycations...makes you really enjoy the time off!

  2. Have a great vacation! Looks like fun shopping!

  3. Love your 'chickens' comment. So cute! I am glad you had a wonderful vacation and fun shopping so far!

    By the way, I just host a new giveaway so stop by and enter for a chance to win a piece of fabulous jewelry of your choice. :)



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