Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sand in our shoes, and everywhere else...

who doesn't LOVE the beach??!!
some of my fondest memories are of being at the beach.
as a little girl we did the same thing every time
we went to the beach.
we would swim in the ocean, step on the sea weed until it makes a
popping sound, eat clam chowder out of a sour dough bread bowl,
shop down the morro bay main street, feed the seals at a ghetto aquarium,
eat shrimp cocktail, and play in the tide pools.
as i got older i would hang out at the beach with my girlfriends, "meet" (in our dreams) surfer boys,
eat (this is a big deal), hang out at the surf shop, and
watch the fireworks on the 4th of july while sitting on the beach.
i want my kids to have the same memories.
so, when we go to the beach we do the exact same thing.
(except look for surfer boys, and hang out in the surf shop)

here are some pictures from our beach trip we took
2 weeks ago.
we are leaving again today for another beach trip.
this will be the trip that wraps up our summer... sniff sniff.

bee taught him to drink out of a straw!
(we no longer have our "own" drinks..he takes them.)

clam chowder.

little crabs in the tide pools.

he wanted to take it home!
(not allowed ;$..)

our little family.

we stayed in a beach house, and in the neighborhood
they had these little chairs carved out of the trees.
my chickens had a contest to see who could find the most chairs.

have you ever been to Hurst castle??
well,..they have zebras!!
(yes...that's a pillow pet)

his face says it all.
the beach is the bomb (i couldn't resist)!

so, do you love the beach or the mountains??



  1. Looks like a great day. We love the beach too!

  2. I vote for the Beach! I love the smell of the Sea Air! Have fun! Can't wait to see pics.


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