Monday, July 11, 2011

the hills are alive

i love this ikat dress!!

but, it reminded me of something....

ahhh.... yes, the drape dresses from
The Sound of Music!!

it made me love this dress that much more!

p.s. guess what i have today....jury duty...bluh!!!



  1. Yay for that cute dress and beautiful model to show it off. Boo for jury duty! :( I have jury duty tomorrow!!

  2. Oh, how fun! Love that cute little dress. :) Hope jury duty wasn't bad!

  3. Absolutely love the cutie patootie ikat dress!!! I think it's the color that reminds me of TSOM...but I have to say, it make me love it more, too!

    P.S. YUCK. Jury duty. I bet you are *SO* thankful for your smart phone right about now! (c:

  4. Cute dress! We need smart people like you doing jury duty. Look what just happened in the Casey Anthony trial and OJ Simpson.


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