Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Jubilee Vintage Vegas

well, the hubs and i were invited to a hospital building fundraiser in our area by some friends of ours.  we had a really good time!  there was so much food, entertainment, and, might i add, heat!!!  it was so hot but worth every drop of sweat.

this was the event

and these are our friends:  George and Cyndy Christiansen of:

He's the architect of the hospital expansion; i hope i said that right!

So nice of them to include us in their evening!

Heidi and Amy

Such good food and so much of it!

We had such a good time! did i mention that a limo drove us to and from the event?!!! good times!


Friday, August 26, 2011

ghetto sewing 101

i seriously have no clue how to sew. i took home ec. in junior high and my freshmen year of high school... i don't remember a thing. i can sew a straight line. i basically can "make" pillows, and drapes. bee on the other hand is AMAZING!! she can whip anything out in nothing flat! (she's so talented)

 here's the deal, i bought 2 button up shirt's from the Talbot's red sale. i got them for $7.99,...what a STEAL! the only glitch is you can't return them. (all sales final) so, when i got the shirts they were too big!! they looked like a box. very unflattering. i was going to take them in to a seamstress...but, i have 4 chicken's and zero time!  i decided to take the plunge and do it myself!

 here is my jerry rigged sewing project, if it floats your boat...try it out! it totally worked and i can't wait to wear them in the fall! (with my camel wool skirt and brown sling back's)

ghetto sewing 101:
how to tailor a shirt

this is so bad.

i took a measuring tape and measured 2 inches up
both sides of the shirt.
i pinned all the way up to the arm pit.

i then tried it on very carefully.
it fit like a glove!!
(if you need to take it in more. just take it off and re-pin)

i started sewing at the arm pit of the sleeve.
i then sewed out to the pins and sewed in a straight line to the bottom.

then on the other side i had to start at the bottom
 (because its a right hand machine...are they all right hand machines? :$)
and sewed up to the arm pit of the sleeve! fits like a glove!!!

i hope this made sense.
i am super stoked it actually worked!
now, i don't have to get rid of some of my shirts!


Kirsty Girl

Our Mom's Favorites

I didn't actually ask my mom if I could post her favorites but I know she won't mind.  Our mom looks great!  I will say, moddybee will never age as well as their mom!  Here are some items that take us way back!

I'm sure you've never seen this.  Our grandmother used this too.  It's the best lotion; made with camphor and that's about all I know about it.  It's made in Colorado and our mom orders it by the case.  BTW she has the softest skin of anyone we know.

We remember our mom as 'greasy' at night: heavily moisturized.


A great, mild cleanser.

Preparation H.  Not just for hemorrhoids.  Apply to the delicate under-eye area to decrease swelling.  I know, who would have thought!!?

That wraps up our beauty week.  Have a great weekend. 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

fall 2011 makeup trends!

i am so ready for fall. every season i look forward to seeing what the new trends will be. some times the trends work for me, and sometimes...not so much. how about the denim dress trend?? (not gonna happen)

here are some makeup trends for 2011

red lipstick

two toned nails

smokey eyes...but, with bold colors

bold eyebrows

are you going to try red lipstick?
are you going to try two toned nails?
how about bold eyebrows??


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bee's beauty favorites

moddy and i were raised by a mom who truly took care of her skin.  i don't recall her ever leaving the house without make-up on and i have to say, i have a really hard time leaving the house without mine on too.  i have some 'i can't live without' favorites as well:

MAC PaintPot

i use this as a base for my eye shadow.  as we age our lids get a little "crepey" (not creepy but  like crepe paper).  anyway, i love this and will never go without it because mt eye shadow doesn't melt off when i wear it.

MAC eyeshadow

it's the best!  that's all i can say.

MAC LipGlass

i don't wand this stuff all over my lips.  i apply it on top of another lipstick color and only in the center of my lower lip.  i feel like this softens the color; i'm too old for really bold lip color.


i've tried a lot of mascaras and i always go back to this one.  costs around $5.00
you can't beat that.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer
let's face it, i'm not going to get rid of my dark circles, ever but i feel really good about the coverage this offers.



I haven't done this one and i'll never judge anyone who has.  i'm just not there yet!!!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i can't live without them!

i am obsessed with beauty products! my secret dream is to go to cosmetology school...and open a salon.  the second best thing to cosmetology school is working for Clinique! i worked for Clinique to put my husband through school off and on for 8 years. it was so fun! i first worked behind the counter, then after i had my first chicken i took some time off. after a year i called them up and asked if i could be a make-up artist. this was the best job EVER!! i worked when i wanted, i got free make-up, i made pretty good money, and i got payed to put make-up on people. isn't that cool!?! the only down side to this job is i am now a little bit of a make-up snob.

here are a few of my favorite "i can't live without" cosmetic/beauty supplies!

everyone, EVERYONE needs to wear eye cream!
this stuff has caffeine in it to help with puffiness and dark circles.

i have curly hair and this stuff helps to control my hair.
i put it on before i straighten my hair.

this is amazing! it smells good and has an SPF 15 in it.
i wear this morning and night.
* i want to have a one up on wrinkles!

i spray this on right before i flat iron.
this helps to flatten and shine.
(tigi S factor)

i will never EVER buy another tweezer.
Tweezerman is the only brand that gets those
stubborn little hairs out while plucking.
(you can also send them to the company to get sharpened!!)

i floss everyday, sometimes more.
i am seriously addicted to clean teeth.
i also think whitening is a must.
 nice clean white teeth are like an accessory!
(i couldn't resist!!)

when i would give make overs
9 out of 10 times this color worked!
the pigment in this color looks great on
most skin tones.
the color is..

last and certainly not least
Perfectly Real Makeup
by Clinique.
this is isn't heavy and it covers.
one of my pet peeves when wearing foundation
is when lady's wear so much foundation you can
carve your initials in their cheek!
(weird..i's the only way i knew how to describe it!)
in every training/class i went to, we were
always told less is more.
so, when applying your foundation start in the middle and
blend it out. you don't need make up by your ears!!
* oh, and make sure your foundation is the right shade.


Monday, August 22, 2011

M & B's beauty week!!!

moddy and i are going to feature beauty finds this week.  how fun is that?  we love make up, creams, and anything that smells good.  we also love pedicures and manicures but don't always have time to visit a salon.  that being said,  i found the best tool the other day while shopping at target:  the revlon cuticle trimmer with cap #16610.  YAY!!  it works great, doesn't hurt and made my toe nails feel pretty sexy (ok, not really) but it really does work.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

beautiful monterey

we took our last family vacation for the summer. we had such a great time! i just love the beach feel and the coastal architecture. seriously, if i could live in a coastal community...i would.  first we took the kids to gilroy garden's. this is a wonderful little amusement park. it's great for a family with young kids. (my ten year old got a little bored.)  we then drove over to monterey for the last leg of our trip. we visited cannery row in monterey. we ate cinnamon rolls and sea food. last but not least we visited the monterey bay aquarium. the kids absolutely loved it! there are a lot of different hands on activities, and the atmosphere is delightful! we had such a great time! we are sad our summer of 2011 has come to an end.

beware: picture overload

at gilroy garden's

a little treat before we hit the road to monterey!

cannery row down town monterey

for lunch we ate at Bubba Gumps!
very delish!

back to the aquarium!


we were all tired and ready to hit the road!

on the way home we got lost...
(this happens..a lot..)
while asking for directions we saw a ton of seals laying all
over a pier.

last picture of the day!!
(do you see my husbands enthusiasm?)

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