Friday, August 26, 2011

ghetto sewing 101

i seriously have no clue how to sew. i took home ec. in junior high and my freshmen year of high school... i don't remember a thing. i can sew a straight line. i basically can "make" pillows, and drapes. bee on the other hand is AMAZING!! she can whip anything out in nothing flat! (she's so talented)

 here's the deal, i bought 2 button up shirt's from the Talbot's red sale. i got them for $7.99,...what a STEAL! the only glitch is you can't return them. (all sales final) so, when i got the shirts they were too big!! they looked like a box. very unflattering. i was going to take them in to a seamstress...but, i have 4 chicken's and zero time!  i decided to take the plunge and do it myself!

 here is my jerry rigged sewing project, if it floats your boat...try it out! it totally worked and i can't wait to wear them in the fall! (with my camel wool skirt and brown sling back's)

ghetto sewing 101:
how to tailor a shirt

this is so bad.

i took a measuring tape and measured 2 inches up
both sides of the shirt.
i pinned all the way up to the arm pit.

i then tried it on very carefully.
it fit like a glove!!
(if you need to take it in more. just take it off and re-pin)

i started sewing at the arm pit of the sleeve.
i then sewed out to the pins and sewed in a straight line to the bottom.

then on the other side i had to start at the bottom
 (because its a right hand machine...are they all right hand machines? :$)
and sewed up to the arm pit of the sleeve! fits like a glove!!!

i hope this made sense.
i am super stoked it actually worked!
now, i don't have to get rid of some of my shirts!


Kirsty Girl


  1. I am soooo impressed!!!!! They turned out great. Now I want that Zuccnini cake recipe. That sounded so good!

  2. Lookit you, awesome! So glad you finally made those shirts work for you.

  3. I've done this before and it works so well! Saldly, it's hard to buy shirts that fit well - I often ask myself if people who design them are designing for real people? Great post! =)

  4. Molly great job with that shirt. I am impressed!!!


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