Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY easy silhouettes!

every time we visit Disney Land i am determined to get my kids silhouettes taken, and then i'm reminded they cost about $50.00 a piece!! (everything cost a million dollars at DL) but, here is the deal... i'd rather spend $200.00 on a character breakfast, and turkey legs!! there, i said it.  so, if your a is the down low on how to make your very own, super EASY silhouettes!

DIY silhouettes

i took a side profile picture of each chicken.

i printed each picture onto photo paper. size 5X7. 
p.s. you can also use card stock.
(the baby's profile picture was taken in the wrong direction. no big deal, i just flipped it!)

cut them out and lay them on wax paper. 
(the paint stuck to the paper and learn)

grab your black acrylic paint and a sponge brush.

go to town painting!
(it took me 3 coats)

i bought 4 white frames at target.
i was going to just have a white back ground.
but, i had some left over amy butler scrap book paper
and thought it would look cute.
i took the matte out of the frame and traced the paper.

 glue the pic.onto the paper.


assemble, and tada!

it's amazing that you can tell
each chicken apart by just looking at their profile!

my chicken's felt so special!

have a great weekend!! can check out some other cool
DIY project's!
(just click on the pic.)

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  1. Cute! I like your tutorial on silhouettes the best...the easier the better! :)

  2. That is SO much easier than trying to have them sit still for any length of time! Thanks for sharing the tips!

  3. Really cute and so personal. I love the on trend paper you mounted them on.

  4. Your silhouettes turned out beautiful. I had one made of my son when he was young and it still is one of my favorite pieces of art.


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