Monday, August 22, 2011

M & B's beauty week!!!

moddy and i are going to feature beauty finds this week.  how fun is that?  we love make up, creams, and anything that smells good.  we also love pedicures and manicures but don't always have time to visit a salon.  that being said,  i found the best tool the other day while shopping at target:  the revlon cuticle trimmer with cap #16610.  YAY!!  it works great, doesn't hurt and made my toe nails feel pretty sexy (ok, not really) but it really does work.



  1. Gonna have to try this out as soon as I can see my toes again . . . .

  2. While I don't use one of these myself I have to commend you for going with Revlon. They're the only really big make-up company that doesn't test on animals :)


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