Monday, August 8, 2011

12 year wedding anniversary!

i can't believe it's been 12 years! we have sure had a lot of fun! we have lived in 7 different houses/apt, gone to 3 different schools, had 4 kids, 5 cars, bought our first house, and lived in 3 different states. i'm so glad i get to do all of this with my best friend. i asked nick what he thought was great about our marriage and the one thing we both agree on is,..our friendship. we really do have a wonderful time together. we can really make each other laugh. so, to celebrate this year we went to Catalina Island. we have a tradition in our marriage. every other year we take turns planning the anniversary.  some years we surprise each other and some years we are in on the planning. (i helped just a tad in planning this year.) we had such a great time. the weather was amazing, the food was delish, we went snorkeling, we relaxed, slept in, watched movies, and made some friends!  here are just a few pics. Enjoy!

here are a few facts we learned while visiting
Catalina Island
(btw...these are all my observation's)
1. dill grows wild on the island,therefore every restaurant has
dill ranch! (i'm gonna make me some!)
2. Marilyn Monroe lived there for 1 year.
3. Mr. Wrigley (as in the gum) owned the island and helped make
it in to the touristy island it now is.
4. there are only 3,600 people who live on the island
(i would DIE if i had to live there! it's amazing..but, it would get old fast!)
5. they only have 1 chain ANYTHING on the island... and it's a Von's the size of my closet!!
6. it is a really fun lovers get away.
7. there are only a  few cars on the island. everyone drives golf carts.
i asked a local how you can get a car. she said she has lived on the island
for 30 years and she won't get her car for another 26 years!!!



  1. What a great trip! Happy anniversary!

  2. Looks so fun! And girl, you're looking skinny, way to go!


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