Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Jubilee Vintage Vegas

well, the hubs and i were invited to a hospital building fundraiser in our area by some friends of ours.  we had a really good time!  there was so much food, entertainment, and, might i add, heat!!!  it was so hot but worth every drop of sweat.

this was the event

and these are our friends:  George and Cyndy Christiansen of:

He's the architect of the hospital expansion; i hope i said that right!

So nice of them to include us in their evening!

Heidi and Amy

Such good food and so much of it!

We had such a good time! did i mention that a limo drove us to and from the event?!!! good times!



  1. Thanks for the nice post! I am honored! We had such a great time with you. I think I'm still full. George will be happy that you gave him a nice honorable mention with the proper title! :) And on a side note if anyone needs a new hospital designed they could check out our website

  2. Sounds like fun and the food looks great!


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