Wednesday, August 3, 2011


it's taken me 2 years to get the boys drapes hung in their room!
i don't know why..but, why are drapes the last thing to always go up?!
is it only me!?
i was so excited to get these curtains!
they go well with my boys
"super hero" theme.

what do you think??


these are drapes are so thick and keep the light out.
i highly recommend them! i purchased them from pottery barn kids.

i love bookshelves!!

i can finally say..."it's done"!!

gotta love those pillow pets....

i would love to say my boys were VERY grateful their room was done!!
but, they don't care.



  1. I love the drapes!! And the rest of the room; the colors are great!

  2. Super cute results! I need drapes on practically every window in my house--when they already have a shade, it's sooo hard to take the plunge and do drapes too. But it really finishes off a room nicely.

  3. I love the blue and green together, so darling! I have been eyeing those PB curtains for a while, you might have just convinced me to take the plunge! Thanks for linking up, girl!!! I totally just notice that Jani in the comment above me was talking about "taking the plunge", weird coincidence...(c:


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