Thursday, December 22, 2011

am i alone?!

does your tree look like

(see the chair on top of the armoire...the 19 month old climbs on EVERYTHING!)

i know....sooo bad. the star is barely holding on and
the tree leans to the right a little.

do your kids hang 5 ornaments off of one pathetic branch?

do your kids rearrange your ornaments?

does your 19 month old chicken pull the lights off and unplug them
allllllllll day long?

have your kids lost all the little hooks to your ornaments?
do they get caught in your vacuum?
do you store those ornaments on the top off the tree?
(in hopes that you'll eventually re hook them.)

well, if you don't have any of these problems...
your lucky.

but, i will say there is nothing like a family tree.
i love the unmatched ornaments.
each one has a memory, and
the kids have some of their very own.

someday i'll have a perfect tree.
but, that might make me a little sad.
because someday i wont have all these
chickens to ruin it!
(they will have their own little chickens ruining theirs!)

on a side note
here are some of my favorite trees


amazing, right??



  1. I love it! Sadly enough both of our trees are looking like that. I thought I would save the other one by letting them decorate their own, but no. I am laughing because we have all of the same home made ornaments from school. The snow man hand and the green wreaths with the picture in the middle.

  2. Yes, my tree is exactly like yours, too funny!
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