Wednesday, December 28, 2011

office "face lift"

my husband and i bought our dental practice
3 years ago and could not wait to remodel!!
the office was seriously outdated and was in
need of some TLC.
the downside is we don't own our building, and
we didn't want to drop a lot $$ to remodel.
so, to save some money and still change the office look,
we did what you call a
"face lift".

here are the before pics.

we are installing laminate wood flooring
in the exam rooms.

we are getting new pictures and frames.
(i'm thinking aluminum frames.)

were covering the couch and getting new chairs.
(the "grecian" floor lamp is going...bye, bye.)

we are changing the wall paper and counter tops.

unfortunately were stuck with purplish cabinets.
it's ok though...we are gonna make it work!

stay tuned!


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