Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy "balentimes" day!!

isn't Valentine's day such a neat holiday?
it's a great way to let our family and
friends know how much we love them.
i love it!
this year our church put on a dance
"a night in paris"
it was really fun and the decorations
were amazing!
(the budgets are always pretty tight)

here are a few pics. from our
night in paris.

the eiffel tower was made out of cardboard and
they hung little lights from fishing wire to simulate a night sky.

murrals were painted and hung.

they had a band.

heres my valentine!

we sat with a great set of friends!

bee and her valentine.

mom and dad.
they are so cute. :)

being silly!

i hope you are all having a wonderful
Valentines Day!!

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