Monday, April 11, 2011

Barbie birthday cake

first off. today was my little chicks birthday. i can't believe she is 4! i remember when we found out we were having a little girl. i cried..and didn't believe it. i just KNEW she was a boy. i was wrong..april 11th 2007 our little miss malone was born into the world. she has sure changed all of our lives. we all just love her to pieces! with that said, this was the year i was going to throw our little chick her first girlfriends party! she has been obsessed with the Barbie channel (it's on AT&T)..and wanted a Barbie party. i scoured the internet for ideas. i found some cute party ideas but, i couldn't find any DIY for a Barbie cake! i know... you crafty people out there can whip a cake out nothing flat. i, on the other hand need some guidance. all i could find were pictures of barbie cakes. i soon figured i was on my own. with a little help from friends and Micheal's, i think i made a pretty cute cake! the best part was my chick thought it was FABULOUS!

2 cake pans, one glass bowl, and a NEW barbie.

i did 2 boxes of yellow cake mix.

let cool. cut tops off.

i had to let this cook a long time. when it was cooled i cut the top off.

i colored 2 cans of frosting. 1 with pink and 1 with purple. i used the purple to
use in between the cakes. i wanted to save the pink for her dress.

i put frosting on the top cake and then added the bowl shaped cake.
i dusted off the crumbs with a paper towel (i heard your supposed to do that...somewhere)
i inserted barbie at a little bit of an angle and started to frost!
she was so excited to help decorate!

i bought flowers from Micheal's, 2 tips, and a plastic bag.
i only ended up using 1 tip.

she just loved it!

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  1. Love the cake! So smart to use a bowl. I love M's expression. You can tell she is so proud of her cake.


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