Saturday, April 30, 2011

living room re-do

i hate to admit this...but, i decorated my living room 1 year ago..and never loved it. every time i walked down the stairs and looked into my living room i hated it. i needed a change. so, this time i really thought this through and didn't shop on a whim (i tend to do that). i looked on-line for ideas and found some fabric i liked. i kinda based everything off of the fabric. here are the before and afters.

i would like to start off by saying....I WISH I HAD A BETTER FLASH!
this is my living room before.
it was grandmaish!
i just never reallly liked it!

i hated this chair right from the get go!
why did i buy it??!!
i asked myself that EVERY day!
also,...don't you love my husbands grandmothers dining table..NOT!
should i paint it or get a new one??
check out how far my curtains are from the floor...BIG no no.
that was fixed PRONTO!

ahhhh.... much better now.
i got old books from my parents house and some of our own.
i would LOVE to have a huge white built in bookcase!
this will do for now.
i fell in love with this chair instantly!
i love my fabric.
my mother in law was kind enough to make my pillows...i love her!
(sorry it's dark)

I love it!

living room run down:

i still want a area rug.
i might change my curtains.
i might paint.
i would like to change out the light fixtures.
i need to cover a pillow for my red chair...i'm thinking zebra.



  1. Oh how I love a great before/after...and this one is *GREAT*! I'm completely coveting that ikat chair...Ikat, gorgeous is thy name (c: And I just adore pretty much anything tufted, so that sofa is top on my list! So glad you came and visited my little bloggy so I could find yours! I think we're going to get along famously (c:

  2. thanks Aubrey!! i love your blog!!! i just added you to my links! we are kind of new to the blogging world. my sister and i are still trying to figure it out!!! :)

  3. Your living room looks really pretty! I love the new chair! If you're wanting zebra you should come over to my blog and enter the giveaway for the zebra print fabric! :)


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