Monday, May 2, 2011

kates dress

ok, ok,...i DID dvr the wedding....i just DIDN'T watch it! the only reason i even dvred it was because all of my friends were getting up at 3:00 A.M. to watch it!(crazy girls) but,.. to redeem myself i did watch my favorite channel..E!, and they of course did not let me down. i am now hooked on kate's DRESS, which is designed by Sarah Burton!! bee and i discussed kate's reminded both of us of The Sound of Music's wedding dress! it was classic. i loved the plunging neck line and lace. her veil was amazing and simple. her train was just the right length. let's be honest...kate is beautiful! she has an amazing figure and she is so normal! what's great about this dress is ANY women can pull it off. it work's for any figure. i think we are going to see women by the droves buying replica's of kates dress in the following years.

p.s. i still think Harry is cuter than William. ;)

plunging neck line, and full skirt.
Grace Kelly dons a lace top with full skirt.

perfect in every way.
(kate's sisters dress was amazing as well.)

her after party dress. simple and elegant.

i couldn't resist!
(i saw this on )



  1. HA!! Love the Keep Calm sign!

  2. i burst out laughing at the Harry sign and Clark had to come see what was so funny! Love it!

  3. You and Ab's agree....she LOVES Harry. But I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he seems a little rowdy and naughty! One of my FAVE moments was when he glanced over his shoulder to catch a look of Kate walking down the aisle and couldn't help himself when he whispered to William... seemed like what most little brothers would do!


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