Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day weekend

i love long weekends.
this weekend was so nice.
we had nice weather, and plenty to do.
friday, was date night.(i look forward to this, every week)
saturday we cleaned the garage,
and went to a baseball game with bee's family.
sunday we had church, made home made pizza and celebrated chicken #4's 10th birthday.
(his birthday is officially on memorial day.)
earlier in the week we celebrated chicken #3's 7th birthday...(may is a reallly busy month)
monday, we went to the scout pancake breakfast,
opened presents,
went geocaching (it's a boy thing, look it up here http://www.geocaching.com/ ),
and than went to a bbq!
what a nice loooong weekend.

10 years old!
7 years old!!

these are from my yard!!!

he has officially moved into the big boy seat!!

hanging out at the bbq,

lots of babies.
she is trying to get dad's attention.
getting dirty is the best part!
they caught a jack rabbit.
the baby's were getting tired.
one last jump off of his birthday present.
slammed from our wonderful long weekend.
(he is wearing his girlfriends pj's)

1 comment:

  1. He is totally going to *LUVE* that last picture when he gets older (c: What a great weekend...and what party is complete without all the kiddos running around, causin' some ruckus??? (c:


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