Thursday, May 26, 2011

our downstairs remodel

when we bought our house 2 years ago,
we weren't looking for a dream home.
we wanted a home in a good neighborhood,
we wanted to stay in our school district,
we wanted a 2 story,
and i wanted the laundry room
well, we found our house.
at first i wasn't thrilled with it.
it needed some work.
but, it had everything we wanted.
except, had oak cabinets, old white tile, and
the people before us had pets.
(i'm horribly allergic to animals)
we called our good friend who is contractor,
and he got right to work!!
      just recently i was looking at some pics. and found some from our remodel.
i had forgotten what our home looked like before!
i wish i had taken pics. of when the
other people lived in it.
the lady before was a collector...of EVERYTHING!!

*on a side note, i didn't do any of the work.
i am in no way able or have a desire to redo
anything except side tables. ;)

oak..if done right can look good.
i just didn't love them.
oak, and old linoleum
brown carpet...i'm sure the animals had their way with it.

sanded down
our fireplace had tan tile around it. (yuck)
we had a mantel installed.

(ignore my mock silhouettes...that's my next project..)
new flooring and painted white cabinet.
(i want to change this..i want lighter colors and wallpaper)
new appliances

i love the bare foot contessa kitchen.
i wanted white cabinets and black granite.

we added subway tile.
(my poor orchid won't bloom!!)

remodel break down:

new carpet
ripped out the tile and added hard wood
replaced kitchen tile counter tops with black granite
added subway tile to back splash
added a new mantel around fire place
updated downstairs bathroom
new paint through out house
new appliances
new chandelier in kitchen
new kitchen sink


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  1. Oh yeah, girl, VAST IMPROVEMENT! You have done amazing things to the place! And even if you can't take *direct* credit for the hard labor, you get to be the mastermind behind it, right? (c: Enjoy your Memorial Day!


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