Monday, May 23, 2011

the good's

i have an amazing mother in law,
on monday's she watches my kids!!
 this makes grocery shopping, 
 and going to lunch with my husband...
while out and about childless...
 i find the coolest things!!
here are a few....

$'s right...$7.99!!
(i got one in gold...i love gold.)

bolster pillow from PB Teen
for $7.99, plus free shipping!!!
(i got this lovely for my bed.)

you know how delish it smells when you enter Anthropology....?
well,... bee and i found one of the yummy candles that makes you want to
move into Anthro for $18.00
(now, my house smells of santiago huckleberry!)
last but, NOT least..
this little beauty.
spicy chicken sandwich from
Chic- Fil- A
(get the chic-fil-a sauce to put on top)


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