Saturday, May 21, 2011


about 10 years ago i began collecting ironestone dishes.  i love ironestone because it's white, plain, and simple.  ironestone goes with anything and can be displayed anywhere: a wall, cabinet or shelf.  i love it stacked too.  when shopping at thrift or antique stores check the marking on the back of the dish.  i don't buy it unless it's english or american.  the mark will ususally be in the center of a dish's base in underglaze black, brown, dark blue or other colors.  sometimes it says ironestone sometimes it doesn't.  ironestone is a little heavier than china. i have quite a few homer laughlin peices.


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  1. Oooo yeah, that stuff is *purdy*...(c; How cute is your boyfriend?!? Happy Birthday, boyfriend! And both of those recipes are family faves for us...YUM! Gave me some ideas for tonight's dinner (c:


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