Thursday, May 5, 2011

amy butlers home

i just LOVE amy butlers fabric!
so, when i saw her house, i fell in love!
(btw...bee's computer is broken...that's why i've been posting)

i want this picture!!
her wallpaper is fantastic.
i love the old barn wood dining table with her modern chairs.
i love the color on her wall.
look at all the fabric colors and patterns!!
i love her chandelier!

i want to move in with amy! actually,.... kick her out and move in with my family.


  1. I love Amy! My friend in D.C. made me a quilt using some of her fabrics....I also have her Birdie Sling Bag that another friend made. Now I want some pillows.

  2. I absolutely adore her fantastic fabric and her gorgeous home! She has such a great eye for fantastic color! Have a great weekend ladies, happy mom's day!


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