Wednesday, October 5, 2011


i just haven't been blogging as of late.
i wish it was because of something amazing...but, i guess i've just been busy and uninspired.
i know, i know, you are all (41 followers) just waiting for a new post! ha

well, here are some pics. of what i've been up to!
(via iPhone)
we went on a little vacation with some friends.
the guys had CE classes., the girls ate and shopped!

we..sadly don't have an IKEA!
so,...we visited Sacramento's!

you know you want these slippers.

we ate dinner at Ruth Chris...yum!

we seriously laughed the whole vacation.

thank you z gallerie!

my earring was missing....i had no idea. :(

big eyes...thank you anthro.

last but not least...these darling felt flowers.



  1. Hey, i didnt know you had a fun blog, i found you on pinterest! How fun!-Brittany Jenkins

  2. I go through the same blogging emotions. I heart Ikea!!

  3. I love IKEA, and am so thankful we have one 5 minutes away. You guys make shopping so fun!



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