Saturday, November 5, 2011

for grandma

we had a wonderful saturday!
we cleaned up the house,
went to costco,
had lunch at a park,
went on a drive,
and visited grandma and grandpa.
while on our visit with grandma, she reminded me to post my chickens halloween pictures.
so, here you go mom!

boba fett
nick made this costume!
(it took over a month.)


storm trooper

jumbo and dumbo..

bee and dumbo


bee's little bat girl.

we had a really nice halloween.
i love having family around to spend the holiday's with.

btw..i officially gained 4 pounds this halloween!
thank you CANDY!
(and zero will power.)
 it's time to get my rear in gear and lose it!
thanksgiving will be here before i know it!!


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