Monday, November 7, 2011

what...gwen at TARGET!

i was so excited when i saw this!!
not only do i love gwen steffani!
 i love her music,
her cute husband,
(in the 90's i was a huge bush fan.)
 her funky fashion,
and now she's designing for target!
it's all ours on Nov. 13!
will you be buying anything for your little chickens!?

are you loving it?
or, is it not really your thing?



  1. The girl stuff is cute but I don't see any of my boys in those plaid pants. You can talk with Brandon about Gwen love. He and his friends used to follow her when she was playing in little clubs and she would talk to her fans. :)

  2. That "love makes me cute" shirt is darling. I will so be getting some of her stuff for my daughter!!

  3. Those things are cute! Wonder if they'll have things for big girls, too, and not just for the toddlers. Love the style.


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