Tuesday, January 17, 2012

moddy's family pics.

i love getting our family pictures taken.
yes, it's a huge pain in the rear.
the outfits, whinny kids, making people laugh,
picking the location..blah..blah...blah.
it's just not fun in the midst of the craziness!
but, the end results make it all worth it.
we had my dear friend
Jan (check her cute blog out here)  do our pictures this year.
she is a wonderful photographer and
 great gal to work with.
(she really knew how to make us laugh)





  1. Your family is just darling! You are right about the family pictures...it can be such a pain to get it done! It's always nice to have really good pictures though.

  2. Loooove all of them. Especially the one with you loving up the baby. Jan is amazing and your kids are darling!

  3. Hey! Sounds fun! Calabasas is really nice. My best friend from high school/college lives there. I know there's a really nice outdoor shopping center there in town. It's easy to find. But, if you want to do some REAL shopping, come down to Orange County to South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island. Google them. They are top of the line!

    If you do come to OC, maybe we can meet for coffee...follow me on facebook and we can communicate that way...



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