Sunday, February 27, 2011

sequoia mall DEAL (for the locals)

i'm sure i'm  the last person to know about this.. but, everyday..yes everyday the sequoia mall has movies for $3.00! this is great! my whole family can go to the movies for 12 bucks!!! i'm super pumped! only glitch is...they are slightly older movies...and by slightly, i mean they are still not out on video. next weekend we are going to take the kids to see Tangled...again....we love that movie!
this is our "almost" Dollar Theater!
sequoia mall in all it's splendor...


  1. I had no idea! Next time I'm in town, we're totally hitting this up. Thanks!

  2. This is the most fantastic thing I have heard! 3 dollars! Wow! We go to the movies but the last time we went we spent 70 bucks for only 3. Ughh! But this will save so much money! Thanks for sharing moddybee!


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