Tuesday, March 29, 2011

artisan bread

i got this book/recipe from my neighbor. i was so excited to make a loaf..that i made some with a sinus infection, 2 kids with the flu, and a baby with croup & ear infection! it was so easy and good! the book is filled with bread recipes that take only 5 min. to make! i recommend getting the book. i'm going to order mine asap from amazon!

first add 3 C. lukewarm water (not hot)
and 1 1/2 tbls. of yeast
no need to proof your yeast!!! (that cuts out the 5 min)
add 1 1/2 tblsp. kosher salt (i LOVE kosher salt)
now add your 6 1/2 C. of flour
i used half white and wheat flour
i usually use my kitchen aid to make dough.
but, bee told me how much she loves her food processor for dough.
i totally AGREE!!
after dough is mixed and wet
place in a bowl you can seal,...i just put cellophane wrap on mine.
let rise 2 hrs. on your counter
see what i mean SICK!
she has avoided any sickness. she is a tough little chicken
btw...toast with homemade boysenberry jam and chocolate milk always makes a sick chicken happy!
after 2 hrs. set oven to 450. place stone on middle rack and a pan of water on bottom rack.
cut off about of pound of dough. place on a lightly floured surface. don't knead dough just "cloak" and shape.
ok..here is where i "jerry rigged" you are supposed to place shaped dough on a pizza peel.
well, i don't have one! so, I formed the dough and placed it on my lightly dusted with cornmeal silpat.
after the oven was about half way done warming i picked up the loaf and placed on stone.
let bake 30 min.
i think next time im going to let my bread brown a little longer.
left over dough place in fridge.
repeat direction for baking.
you can leave dough in fridge, in a sealed container for up to 14 days!!!

450 for 30 min.

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