Tuesday, March 15, 2011

piano bench re-do

i love my grandma..but, not the fabric on her piano bench. it was time for a change! so, i ordered some upholstery fabric from fabric.com. i picked something neutral so i wasn't stuck with one color. it took me about 20 min. start to finish to cover my bench!  i think it turned out great, check it out!
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i unscrewed the bench from the henge!
i cut the fabric to size, with about 3 inches extra all around. i folded the fabric over  and began stapling the fabric to the bench. oh, i also didn't remove the old fabric. I just covered it with the new fabric!
after stapling the fabric on the bench i screwed the bench back onto the henge's.


  1. Love the neutral chevron, it looks fantastic! Look at you go, you're a natural DIYer.

  2. Nothing like a girl with a staple gun and fabric. I've covered just about everything I can in fabric -- it's so easy and so cute!


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