Sunday, March 6, 2011

BEE'S Birthday!!!

it's BEE'S BIRTHDAY!!! you can't have a birthday...without a party! i'm so grateful for such a wonderful sister! it's great having a sister through life's up and downs. Happy Birthday Bee!! i love you! (read this while listening to Golden Girls theme song)


  1. There's the happy couple! Happy Birthday Brenda, and party on!!♥

  2. If I would have known it was your birthday last night, I would have said... HAPPY BIRTHDAY then. But I didn't.. full on convo in Savemart and I didn't say it... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! You are a wonderful person and an awesome friend! I love you!

  3. Ok, so I am way behind, but I finally just looked at this blog. So cute! You two are the cutest. And the song made me cry. I know, I'm a dork. But there isn't anything better then sisters!
    Happy Birthday Brenda!! Miss you Molly!!


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