Thursday, March 10, 2011


words can not express our love for these primary colored grown men. it all started with our 9 year old. he started watching them when he was about 9 months. he has always been a early riser. he would wake up at about 5:45 a.m., mom and dad could barely function (we took turns)... we would slip in the wiggles VHS tape and watch (half a sleep)the  magic unfold. he would put his chubby little hands on the t.v. and bounce up and down.  that's when the love affair began. we all started singing the music with out realizing it, we bought the cd to listen to in the car, and we started buying the toys. now, 8 years, and 3 chickens later...we still love them. we were so sad when Greg retired,... that really was a concern for my oldest..(bless his heart). so, last night when i saw all 4 of my chickens watching Captain Feathersword work his magic, i could't resist capturing it on camera. if the Wiggles EVER come to the states to perform...we will be there!


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