Saturday, March 19, 2011


did you see my house 2 weeks ago?? i posted a couple of pictures of my pile of laundry, my slammed game room, and my daughters massive messy room! well, i'll have you all got cleaned...and, it got  messy in about 15 minutes!! the other night i asked my husband "do you think we will EVER have the whole house clean at once?"...he said "no,... maybe when were 55." he is soo right! what's crazy is i have a few friends who are wonder women and can keep their house in tip top shape. but, i can't!! my plan of action is always the same. i have a 2, my down stairs is pretty much always clean. (at least when i'm the only one home) my that is a totally different story. this is what i have to tell myself  "it's ok...they (my chickens) aren't going to be here forever." sniff sniff..."it's alright, it might be messy but at least it's clean."... to my oldest "you can hang random posters, candy wrappers (don't ask), and lego magazine covers on your wall." (there goes my decorating ideas) HEELLPP!!!
here are my picture up-dates. i HAD to post these so you didn't think i was a complete slob!

btw..bee is in LAS VEGAS..that lucky girl! have a great saturday!!!

i wish i had a better looks so dark. (i think i know what im asking for for my b-day)

this room is probably the cleanest in the house.
there is the game room in all it's glory...oh and chicken #4.
(this is my next design project)
her room was spotless until she pulled out all her pet shops.

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