Monday, March 21, 2011

bar keepers friend

do you have yellow stains on your white porcelain sink, is your stainless steel sink all scratched up, do your pots need a little face lift?? this stuff will solve ALL of these annoying problems!! i love it! you can buy it at target, wal-mart, even william sanoma. it works wonders! i never use soft scrub bleach or spray to get rid of my stains. (i use it to disinfect) try it out!!



  1. I love it. I use it too. I have a white corian sink and it takes care of all the stains, and marks that my pans make on it. never thought of using it on my crueset, but I will now! thanks!

  2. it's like a blogomercial. you're the billy mays of the blogosphere! nothing gets me like a good before and after.

  3. louise..our blog works exactly like our brains!! (my sister and I) we are super random and all over the place!!! thanks for the post girl!


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