Thursday, June 9, 2011


moddy and i had my 5th and her 3rd child  together.  well, almost together.  the girls are ten months apart.  they love playing together; one just hangs out with teenagers and the other is the only girl in her family!  i was informed that they'd eaten the sand  that day.
might i recommend 'otter pops' for the summer?  they are now made with fruit juice (and sugar) and there's still the classic 'otter pop' made of sugar, water, and flavoring.  does the powerful flavoring make anyone else cough? 



  1. I love That my little chicken has her night gown on at 4 in the afternoon. Don't judge....;$

  2. Awww...I love that picture and definitely no judgement here on the nightgown! Sometimes mine are running around completely nude...that might be T.M.I...But my oldest and my sister's oldest are 9 months apart and are the best of pals, it makes me so sad they don't live closer! And we have been downing Otter pops like they are going out of those nasty little things! (c:


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