Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i was cleaning out my bank box the other day,
and i ran into this!
let's take a closer look...

1. my head is tiny
2. there are two HUGE round things...hmm?
3. notice the tiny little sticks as legs..no arms..?
4. the word MOM

my son drew this of me....
i was 9 months pregnant,
and to a 5 year old this is what
a pregnant mom looks like...?
the best part about this picture is we were
sitting in the middle of church, i look over to see what
he is doing, and this is what i see.
i start quietly,... laughing uncontrollably.
(you know the laugh where you keep
laughing because your NOT supposed to be laughing)
tears were streaming down my face.

this little chickens big brown eyes melt my heart.
even if i am a huge, small headed, tiny legged, big boobed mom.
in his eyes he loves me just the way i am.

i will never, ever throw this away.


  1. I'm crying right now, but not from laughing...that is so sweet! I already have a few little treasures from my wee ones that I'm pretty sure the hubby has actually tried to chuck a couple times...oh yeah, he caught the wrath for that one! (c: So sweet...and he is adorable!

  2. Ha! I love it!!! Natalie drew me once with red hair...she said I needed red hair. ;) Thanks for the visit today. :)


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