Thursday, June 2, 2011

my $20 frame...

i found this frame on my mother's day outing.
it's HUGE!
i love it, and i only payed $20 bucks!!
this is my plan....
it came with a ugly picture on canvas.
i'm ditching the canvas and adding glass, paper from  and
a matte.
here's the beauty..
should i paint it...i'm thinking gold?
do you like this..
or this...

this is feminine..
i might get this for my bathroom.
i am always drawn to birds...
or this...
or this?

this is the room.
i'm going to cover the big flower pillows with navy lattice. (i need a change for summer)
i need some accessories for the coffee table (this is a
i'm going to paint my owl lamp white...he is brown.
i'm going to cover the brown pillows..(orange and navy..something).
i already changed that lamp shade (it was a little to formal)
 get a new computer desk..or paint it.

i need input...HELP!!




  1. I like the first print.. and I would paint the frame turquoise then rub it lightly with sandpaper. and do a rub-off stain.

  2. I like 1st, 4th and 5th! And I kind of like the picture frame as is against the bold colors.

  3. I like the 4th best--that simple bird with the less busy green around is is stunning! I might do the frame dark with gold highlights, or leave as is, depending on the wall you're hanging it on .. .

  4. I'm drawn to the first one bc it would bring out the colors you're mentioning adding to your pillows. Since your walls are an earth tone, I'd go for a gold, orange, or turquoise frame. And I think a navy matte would be rockin'!

    Fun new colors!

  5. posts never show up. Could it be I hadn't official followed this blog? My two cents worth idea: Silver leaf the frame! I am going to do a chair next week and then reupholster it with a fabulous black/white/gray graphic print. If you want a shiny/mirror type finish, the experts say to use the aluminum leaf instead of the silver leaf. Can you tell I have been blog stalking and watching entirely too much of Nate Berkus these days?

  6. I just found your blog, and it's so cool that you are sisters blogging together!

    I like the yellow geometric print. I am following now. If you'd like, check out my blog too!


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