Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what, what...

lauren conrad has her own blog!?!?!
i'll be honest..i know absolutely ZERO about her.
what show was she on again?!
i ran into her blog while reading my magazine.
i was so curious i had to check it out.
it's kinda fun!
it doesn't have that much on it quit yet.
i'm interested to see what her design part of the blog is like..(it's in the works, apparently)
she did have some great makeup tips!
 she also shares some of her favorite fashions!
check it out!

p.s...did anyone see the bachelorette last night?!?!
i haven't watched that show in like 30 years, and the one time i tune in
i not only get majorly embarrassed by all the awkward crying moment's.
there is some guy named bentley,
who ends up being a complete weirdo!!!
bless what's her names heart!! (i don't know her name)

step by step makeup tips.


1 comment:

  1. Seriously, WHY is she famous? Though I do like some of her fashions . . .


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