Wednesday, June 8, 2011

master bedroom.....were getting there!

there are many things i love about my husband
here are just a few:
1. he doesn't mind sleeping in pink, mint green, or ruffled sheets.
2. he could care less how i decorate our home.
3. he is really great at doing the handy work.

back in january i set out to FINALLY decorate our master bedroom
this was seriously from scratch.
we had nothing but old everything!
i wanted it to be feminine.
so, here it is june and i'm still finishing it up!
i still need a rug,
some drapes,
and something for my wall.
i'm really loving it thus far!

sneak peek #2


i love the chevron pillows, and my bolster pillow i scored for $7.99!!
my side table's are from pier 1, and lamps from home goods.
i kept my old bedspread, and bed skirt.
i added some new euro shames.
i bought the sunburst mirror at a store that was going out of business.

that's my mom,..i love this picture of her.

love it!!

this is what my room looks like on a normal bases.
(i have no idea why i have this pic.)
this was the only "before" i had.
this is my dresser from 4th grade!
(this is the pic. i took to sell this beauty on craigs list)
let me tell you,..this puppy sold FAST!



  1. LOVE what you've done to the room :) I think the chevron pillows added a lot of flavor to the room. Great job!

  2. So cute!! What fun updates you chose. Can't wait to see the living room makeover too.


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