Friday, June 17, 2011

it's done!!

i lovvve it!!
it went from drab cream to
fantastic GOLD!!
check it out here
i spray painted the frame, ordered my paper
from here
and drove my self down to
hobby lobby..(love this store)
i picked out my navy matte
and the kind people at
hobby lobby put it together!
i couldn't be happier!
grand total...$70.00ish!!
check it out!

p.s....i just figured out how to link!!!
i think i'm finally getting a hold of this blogger thing!

just needed a face lift.

i spray painted it with my favorite metallic gold spray paint.

it's DONE!!

it was just to big for my fireplace.
much better!

i moved my sunburst mirror into my family room.
i really like it here.

my living room is FINALLY done..for now ;)
i'm in love.
(if you look closely my littlest chicken rearranged my bookshelf...)
check out that rug i scored for $19.99 @ target!

*check out what my living room looked like before here!



  1. Lovely room! Adore your white nailhead trim bench. May I know where you get it? And the picture frame looks so much better with the new spray paint!


  2. I love the picture. I hadn't thought of ordering beautiful paper to frame. What a great idea for affordable art. I'm in love with the paper website.

    Thanks for the idea!

    Visiting from Serenity Now's Weekend Reading Party.

  3. Wow, like the frame you made with that marbalized paper and also the rug. Wish we had a target in Europe ;)))
    xxx Chantal

  4. Chantel, You should check online!!! ;) we dont have much in our little town.. I have to order everything!!!

  5. The frame is so pretty in gold!! Great job!


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