Sunday, June 26, 2011

miss c's 5th birthday!

it was my little miss c's 5th birthday on saturday.  i can't believe she's 5 already; she's my caboose, my baby, my last, and she is the reason and the glue for everything in my life.  born to just a little 'older' parents, she has kept me 'kind of' young, a little more informed, awake and i will say, happy!  i love this little girl and i am so glad to have her here. she has so much personality.  by the way, her birthday party was so much fun!



  1. What a happy day!

    ciao from newport beach

  2. I can't believe she's "5"! She is the glue and I love her personality, with all that spunk! Happy Birthday Miss "C"!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Miss C! You're looking fabulous, Brenda!


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